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About PNAA
Established in 1979, the Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc. (PNAA) is a 501c(6) non-profit professional nursing organization representing 52 chapters with over 4,500 ++ members. Our mission is to uphold and foster the positive image and welfare of Filipino-American nurses, promote professional excellence, and contribute to significant outcomes to healthcare and society through education, research, and clinical practice.

What we do
PNAA offers its members mentorship, leadership development, and educational programs essential for professional advancement through its regional, national, and international conferences in the U.S. and in the Philippines. PNAA actively advocates and collaborates with other organizations/agencies to address and support policy development and legislation that affect the nursing profession, minority health, and diversity in the workforce.

Why partner with PNAA
Partnership with PNAA will allow your organization to network and engage with key decision makers in senior-level management from major health systems hospitals, clinical nurses on the frontline and with advanced practice nurse practitioners in the community and academia. We offer many opportunities to connect with your target audience live through our regional, national and international conferences, in print or online.